Mouseketoys Goofy Vinyl Doll or Plush

I have far too many plush figures. And I say this after having sold or donated several dozen. But every once in a while a new-to-me plush comes along that I can’t resist. Usually it’s a version of Goofy, my favorite Disney character.

So without further ado, here is the guy to whom the world owes a living:

Sittin’ Goofy (cause he ain’t pretty!)

This doll has a hard vinyl head, hands, and feet but with a plush body.

I can’t find too much about the Mouseketoys line of merchandise. This vinyl doll was the first time I’d ever seen one! I bought it for that and the fact that I love Goofy. I’m figuring this doll is from the 80s but I do know that Mouseketoys were still manufacturing up to the Millennium. Please let me know if you’ve seen newer examples!

The price of $16.95 US would also place the date of sale to the 80s or 90s with most plush being sold for upwards of $30.00 today.

This toy would likely have been sold at the domestic Disney Theme Parks as the label clearly states that it was made for them.

These boots were made for branding

I love that the sculpt includes ‘holes’ in the toes of the shoes. The little curls or swirls are meant to represent wear that would have come from years of use by one who couldn’t afford new shoes. Goofy was originally a bit of a vagrant in the likes of The Tramp, Charlie Chaplin.

For a vintage toy, this one cleans up nice!

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