Places: PRIMITIVE DESIGNS in Port Hope, ON

The United States has Roadside Attractions pretty much on every street corner. At least, that’s the way it seems. And we all love those kitschy tourist traps! But it’s especially engaging when the proprietors mix in DIY and art installments along with the spectacle.

Primitive Designs is a wonderful destination in Canada for oversized sculptures and smaller lawn ornaments alike. So without further ado, let’s have a look:

2762 County Road 28, Port Hope, ON

Owners Ron Dacey and Rhonda Cook have created an eclectic business filled with a wide variety of things to look at and purchase. Let’s start off with the Heavy Hitters:

Yes, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are standing in front of a three-story building! These metal giants are made from recycled automobile parts and feature incredible detailing.

Decorative Signs and Plaques

Huge isn’t your thing? How about a hand-crafted sign for your deck or patio?

When you enter the main buildings, you will be captivated by all the things to see at eye level. But be sure to look up! The rafters are just as packed with wonders to behold. And no, I didn’t take the little green guy to my leader. He didn’t ask.

The sheer scope of the crafts in this shop are staggering! They are brought in from all around the world which gives the place a truly universal appeal.

I can’t begin to show you all of the stock contained in this location. It truly is a must-see destination!

In front of every large sculpture you can find pails for donations. These donations are to sponsor the Photo Op locations and help offset the costs of running the business, as there is no admission to enter the grounds.

Kingly Photo Op

This Roadside Attraction and retail outlet is located just one minute off of Highway 401 at Exit 464. Well worth the detour if you’re commuting between Toronto and Ottawa.

Their official website is

You’ve read what I have to say about them, here is what they have to say:

We are happy to welcome you to Primitive Designs! Ron, Rhonda, and Maximus have traveled the globe personally curating exotic and unusual antiques and handcrafted items from around the world. We are a family run business importing from Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, and many other places. In our 8000 square foot gallery, you will find a market type atmosphere filled with treasures both for your family, your home, and your garden. The Primitive Designs family prides itself on filling our retail business with products that are free from child labour, bought at a fair market value, and produced by family-run businesses, many of which we have been working and friends with for over 40 years.”

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