Hong Kong Disneyland Gingerbread Mickey Speaker Plush

If it’s going to be a strange piece of merchandise it will probably come from one of Disney’s Eastern Theme Parks! A case in point is the subject of this post which comes to us all the way from Hong Kong Disneyland.

I saw this on a local buy and sell site and didn’t quite know what to make of it. It’s obviously Mickey Mouse. But it’s a gingerbread man. But it’s also a plush doll. BUT it’s also also a portable speaker! Just what is it trying to be?

Cute. Creepy. Irresistible!

This may fall into the ‘It’s so ugly it’s cute!’ category. It certainly wouldn’t be for everyone. But I like it for that very reason! Having an unusual piece in my collection is always a win.

The images above show the speaker in the tummy, the zipper pouch that contains the connectivity cord, as well as the cord itself. Because this was sold some years ago, it has a standard male stereo connector. But if you’re using an newer iPhone, you’ll need to get an adapter.

I have the necessary adapter and so attached the Gingerbread Mickey Speaker to my iPhone and cranked up the hits. Sort of. The speaker quality is not good and can’t handle too much volume. Think of playing your favorite music at about a level of 4 out of 10. Add some minor distortion and you have an idea of the sound this speaker generates.

Can’t Mistake that Shape

A Hidden Mickey is just the large head circle with the two ear circles making the iconic mouse shape. But the shape of this plush is also very recognizable with the body added, even from the back.

Branding is everything in the souvenir business and so this plush has the Hong Kong Disneyland logo embroidered on the back:


The tags give you the rest of the information you, the consumer, would need:

If you have any plush in your home then cleaning is something you’re used to. You may toss them in the dryer for a refreshing tumble or even machine wash certain ones. But being as this plush is filled with electronics, it is damp cloth wash ONLY!

It was fun to hear Disney tunes coming from a Gingerbread Mickey! A child would get a kick out of walking around with a ‘singing’ plush. If it was Bluetooth enabled, it would be more convenient, but you can’t have everything.

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