Director Mickey Mouse Figurine

One more trip to the local Charity Shop and I found yet another Disney collectible. Sometimes there is nothing, and at other times it’s just an embarrassment of riches! Lately, I’ve been hitting it big.

So to speak. This Mickey Mouse figurine is just over 4″ tall but is actually big on character, and just happens to be ready for his close up:

“And… ACTION!”

Mickey has had just about as many occupations as Barbie, and that’s saying something! Here he moves away from the front of the camera to behind it for his directorial debut.

Some directors are notorious for abusing actors but I think Mickey would qualify as an Actor’s Director. His smile and energy would be contagious which would bring the best out of cast and crew alike!

“And… CUT!

Okay, let’s print that! This is another wonderful product from Japan. They did such a nice job with their ceramic figurines. And at only $9.95 US you just couldn’t go wrong!

Check out this Vinylmation Director Mickey by clicking the link. And when you do, that’ll be a wrap!

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