Disney-themed PEZ Dispensers

PEZ was first marketed as a compressed peppermint sweet in Vienna, Austria, in 1927 by Eduard Haas III. The name PEZ is an abbreviation of PfeffErminZ (German for peppermint). I bet you always wanted to know that!

By now, everyone is aware of PEZ, and has probably used at least one in their lifetime. How about you? If so, was it a Disney dispenser?

Monsters Inc.

In 1955, the Pez company placed heads on the dispensers and marketed them for children. Popeye, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were among the first character dispensers.


It’s fun to collect PEZ dispensers, especially if you can find a complete set of characters. All of mine are still in the packaging. I wonder how long the candy remains fresh and eatable?

Candied Goodness!

Do you have a favorite flavor? I was trying to think of mine but I seem to remember that they basically taste the same. It’s been awhile since I had a PEZ candy, so I could be wrong.


You can attend PEZ conventions around the world and even pay crazy money to own rare variants. Or you can just pick up a cheep one at the Dollar Store and get the same enjoyment out of it!

Can’t get enough sugary goodness to satisfy your sweet tooth? Then check out my Mickey Mouse Clubhouse CANDY FAN. It’s about as much fun as you can have while eating stuff that’s bad for you!

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