Sierra Leone Disney-Themed ‘Space Ark Fantasy’ Stamps

Sierra Leone is a country on the southwest coast of West Africa. It has a tropical climate with a diverse environment ranging from savanna to rainforests, which means for me, it would be a better fantasy destination than Space!

It’s time to revisit my Disney-themed stamp collection. This time we are visiting an African Nation, but don’t get comfortable there, for we are actually just using it as a stepping stone… to Space!

And there should be TWO of them!

Sierra Leone is rich in natural resources, especially diamonds, gold, bauxite and aluminum. Perhaps that is how such a small Nation can afford to hire Disney characters to shoot their animals into Space?

Shouldn’t the Snake be INSIDE the capsule?

This Nation struggles with ecological challenges like deforestation, over fishing, and diminishing wild life species. Perhaps this would be another reason to adopt a Space Ark Fantasy!

Sierra Leone, which has a road, air and water infrastructure, including a network of highways and several airports, is thus no stranger to travel. But Space travel? I don’t think they have a Space Port!

This CAN’T end well!

So now that Ludwig Von Drake has made his last kind gesture, on this or any other planet, we can get back down to Earth.

For more information about Sierra Leone, check out this website.

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