Honorary Driver’s Licenses from Disney

I don’t want to brag, but I can drive anything at a Disney Theme Park! Okay, by ‘drive’ I mean ‘ride’, but I do have a full set of licenses that lets me do so. Okay, you don’t technically have to have a license to ride the vehicles at Disney. Okay, you don’t need them all.

But they give them out and so I have them!


Starting with the smallest method of conveyance is my license to drive the Autopia cars at Disneyland. There are booths at the attraction that lets you print out a copy with your picture on it. I have one of these as well, but my thumbnail makes me look like an escaped convict, so I won’t be showing that version here!


At Walt Disney World, sometimes the Drivers will give you an Honorary Bus Driver license. I’m not sure I’d like to drive such a large vehicle in Disney traffic!

FUN FACTS: Do you know what is the most thrilling ride in all of Walt Disney World? At one point on your way to the Magic Kingdom on the buses, you go under the famous Water Bridge just before you reach the Contemporary Resort. One of our Drivers sped up just as we hit the bottom of the dip in the road. He proclaimed that moment to be the biggest thrill available on property! And you know… it came close!


My dream is to actually pilot a monorail! I love that Asia has many monorail systems being used for everyday travel. I wish that North America had embraced this method of public transportation as Walt Disney advised!

What is your favorite vehicle to ride at Disney? And don’t say the boats, because I don’t have a license for them!

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