POP! Town Sleeping Beauty Castle & Mickey Mouse

We recently went to the Scarborough Town Center to say goodbye to one of the last Disney Stores in Canada. It was bitter sweet. Unfortunately, they hadn’t lowered the prices yet to make a purchase worthwhile, so we left with nothing to add to our collection.

However, when entering the Mall, we saw a new kiosk labeled Mindzai Toy Shop. I assume the name is a play on ‘The Mind’s Eye’. Be that as it may, they had many vinyl figures and collectible sets featuring a wide variety of IPs. Of course, I gravitated towards the Disney offerings:

Disney Magic in a Box

2020 was to be a great celebration for the Disneyland Resort in California. It would have marked the 65th Anniversary of Walt’s original Park. But you-know-what* happened and so that event never took place. But the merchandise was already designed and manufactured, so it hit shelves by the truckload!

But not Disneyland Park shelves, for what would have been the point of that? With the Park indefinitely closed, the merchandise had to ship to secondary retailers.

In a way, this worked out better for many Disney collectors, as they would be able to get items that they would have missed if they couldn’t get to the Park.

The scale may be a bit off…

That said, items like this Pop! Town vinyl figure set would have been available at secondary retailers anyway, as Funko Pop! are widely distributed, even at your local Walmart.

Fireworks – Backing Card

I believe the present Fireworks Show at Disneyland is called Mickey’s Mix Magic. The backing card for this Funko packaging depicts bursts from fireworks. This is an appropriate backdrop for the vinyl castle as the real Castle is always used in conjunction with all fireworks shows at the Park.

He’s the Leader of the Band

Mickey has played a Conductor of a band or orchestra many times, but perhaps most notably for the original 1955 Mickey Mouse Club television show. Perhaps that is why he is dressed as a Band Leader as the date matches the opening year of Disneyland itself.

SEE all the Sides of Mickey

I paid $39.99 CAN for this set. You can order it directly from the Mindzai website. If you use the link in this post to visit the site, you can click ‘Collections’ and then ‘Funko’ to see all of the Disney figures offered. And other IPs as well.

For more Funko Pop! Town fun, check out my Bob’s Big Boy set by clicking the link. But be careful! It’ll make you hungry for burgers for sure!

* For those of you reading this post in the distance future, you may want to google ‘COVID-19’ to see what happened to the world, and thus Disneyland’s 65th Anniversary, in 2020. You do still have Google, right?

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