Things: Triangle Island Lighthouse in BC

You would have found this little would-be lifesaver about 50 km (30 miles) off the northern tip of Vancouver Island on Triangle Island. Donald Graham said that “Triangle Island conjures up savage weather, disaster, and death – complete and utter triumph of the elements over mankind.” Well, alright then!

It was 1910 and there was a need for a navigational aid between Cape Beale and Victoria. So a small but powerful lighthouse was planned and built. It had a beam that was powerful enough to be seen for almost 80 km (50 miles). At least that was the idea.

Not all Lighthouses stand tall

Actually, what remains is the cast-iron and glass dome which stands on the grounds of the Sooke Region Museum in British Columbia. The rest of the structure would have been demolished on site.

This lighthouse only lasted for 10 years and was decommissioned and dismantled in 1920. The Triangle Islands were too rough on the structures and the Keepers couldn’t rely on getting supplies due to the extreme weather conditions they were intended to help others survive. Add the fact that most times no one could even see the light from sea due to the topography being too high, thus lifting the lighthouse into the clouds!

History sees this poor little guy as one of the greatest and most costly lighthouse mistakes of all time. And Rodney Dangerfield thinks he gets no respect!

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