Disney’s Sing-Along Songs – Disneyland Fun

This playful little VHS tape was released on August 14, 1990 to tie-in with Disneyland’s 35th anniversary. The premise of the series, this is Volume Seven, is that we can all sing along to the on-screen lyrics as we enjoy classic Disney characters in memorable musical scenes captured throughout Disneyland!

Movie Night for Mickey & Minnie

So are we all ready to celebrate a musical day at Disneyland – the Happiest Place on Earth? Then let’s turn over the post to our host Mr. Owl:

Much of the imagery in this production was recycled from older releases. It may be from a theatrical Short or Package Film or just a television special. For instance, Mr. Owl is the main character in the Disney series Adventures in Music that started in the 1950s. The segment he appears in for this video is replayed but with new words dubbed in. So, if you own old Vacation Planning tapes or have seen Disneyland Anniversary Specials, you likely will recognize much of what you will see on this tape.

That said, it’s still fun to see the park as it was in 1990. Many of the rides and attractions featured are no longer in Disneyland and so this tape becomes a trip down Memory Lane!

Main Street USA – Empty!

Each of the thirteen songs shared (in just 29 minutes) are introduced with a Title Card:

Song Title Card Example

Once the Title Card fades, the music starts and the words appear on the screen. You can sing along, obviously, as that’s the whole point! You can see just some of the extinct attractions that get one last hurrah in this production pictured below:

The last image is of Goofy in a cooking pot being carried by King Louie. In case you were wondering.


Time flies when you’re singing and the tape soon comes to an end. Mickey does his famous ‘Fireworks Sparkler Fingers’ thing which he would do most notably in the show Fantasmic! just a few years later after this video. But now…

… It’s time to say ‘Goodbye’

Again, this is Volume Seven of the series, but it is the first live-action Sing-Along Songs video and the first to be located at Disneyland.

Back of VHS Cover Sleeve

These are easy to collect as most Charity Shops will have a few copies of the series in stock for just 99 cents each. It may take some time to get the whole collection, but searching is half the fun!

FUN FACTS: The song about Parades actually features several different parades, such as the Disneyland State Fair Parade and the 1989 Disneyland Christmas parade. Also, you can see a few scenes from the Party Gras Parade. So pay attention!

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