Finding Nemo Fun Shapes Stamps

By now, we’ve all found Nemo. But back in 2003 the whole world was still looking! Today Marlin and Nemo, Dory and the rest of the fishy school are all a part of the Disney/Pixar family, and near and dear to our heart!

So naturally, there is a ton of merchandise to help us feel connected to them. And in this post I would like to share some appropriately tiny items:

Not a Complete Set

I picked these up a Charity Shop in a value bag. This is where they shove a dozen or so related items in a zip lock baggy and sell it for a buck or two. I’ve since sold these off at a yard sale, but I wanted to see what the print would look like first.

Ready to Print

There would have been more stamps with other key characters from the movie, but I only got these four. Amazingly, the stamp pad still had some ink in it and it wasn’t all dried out!

Messy but Imprinted

Just think about the many creative places the children of the world found to stamp these images upon! The mind reels.

For a cool Easter Egg from the sequel to Finding Nemo, entitled Finding Dory, check out my post Dory and Hank Swim with Herbie. You won’t believe how the Love Bug came to swim with the fishes!

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