In the Wild: Miscellaneous Mickey Mouse Merchandise

Try saying that three times fast! I love to browse through antique malls and charity shops looking for the next treasure to add to my growing collection. But there are times when I find things that are just not cool enough to come home with me but too cool to go unappreciated. Then there are those things I’d love to have but my wallet says ‘No!’ Other times I buy.

This post contains all of these types of situations. They feature a certain mouse of note. So let’s see what I saw, pondered, and bought, at some of my favorite local resellers:

Rescue 911

I liked this because it is an example of consumerism. This is when something exists solely for the purpose of making money, and not for any artistic value, or because it makes sense. This is labeled as a Walt Disney World Fire Chief vehicle, but no such vehicle exists at any of the Parks found there. So this is just a generic car some company had a mold for and they slapped some stickers on it to make it ‘Disney’. I came so close to buying it!

Bounce & Pounce

I had a generic monster version of this toy. Mine had horns to hand onto. This version is pure brilliance with Mickey’s ears being the handles. I also love the detailed markings on the ball itself! But price made the decision to leave it hanging from the rafters.

Peek at Choo

This is an example of something with very little monetary value but lots of fun appeal. I got it for a few dollars. They don’t work. In fact, I think you can see farther without them! But you can’t help but smile when you look over and see Mickey spying on you!

Faux Flying Squirrel

Lastly, I found this awesome Flying Ace Mickey somewhere, I remember not where. But again, you can only imagine how much it would cost! Obviously, I didn’t buy it. But of all of the Disney-related items I have seen in my collecting life, this is definitely one that I dream about. This is the King of the Big Figs!

Do you enjoy finding little and big collectibles when you’re travelling around?

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