Disney’s Pocahontas Character POGS

POGS are a cardboard or plastic disk printed with a design or picture which are collected or swapped by children or used in games. The game aspect started as Milk Caps and through the magic of commercialism and marketing became POGS and a worldwide sensation.

I’m not a POG expert, so if you’d like to know way more than necessary about these small picture-laden discs, you can click the Brief History here.

Yes, my post is simply to share the Pocahontas set that I have. I should say that it’s very incomplete, but still provides a nice cross-section from the set.

This set came with 8 red ‘Slammers’ which are the discs used to launch the POGS. It appears that there were 78 picture discs with most sets containing anywhere from 40 – 100 discs. This set was released in 1995 to promote the release of the feature-length animated film.

With so few characters and so many discs, obviously each character makes multiple appearances.

John Smith makes his dreamy self known throughout the set.

Meeko is happy to be included.

Many characters from Pocahontas’ tribe are also depicted.

Governor Ratcliffe heads the Rogues Gallery.

Artistic design discs are also included.

You can see Flit (a Hummingbird) in one of the prism discs above.

And even the supporting cast is included, such as Thomas, a loyal friend of John Smith.

Would you like to know how to play with POGS? Give a little click to this How to Play link and you will learn all you need, not only to play… but to WIN! But please don’t play for money, it’s a kid’s game, so that would be wrong. Maybe that’s why some schools banned POGS?

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