Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Squinkies

What are Squinkies, you ask? I’m surprised you don’t know! They are… um… okay, hard to describe! Maybe you should just click the link for a very thorough look into their history and availability today (Spoiler Alert: They are currently on ‘a break’ as a product).

But at one point they had a licensing agreement with Disney and produced this fun little character set featuring Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. And here they are, in all their Squinkiness:

Snow White w/Apple

These are less than one inch high but gargantuan in cuteness! Each has a childlike look and are completely squishable. Yes, you can squeeze them and they giggle. Actually, they don’t giggle. But they look like they might!

Snow White gets two figures, one with an apple and one without. We knew the Prince would show up someday. Notice that they are looking sideways at each other when you stand them together?

Hi Ho! Hi Ho!

This great silhouette image was actually animated on the wall of a Disney Store! The Dwarfs would march across the log from time to time. Their famous call ‘Hi Ho!’ song would play as they did, and it reminds me of a post I did about the Hi Ho Diner and how they obtained the license to use the Dwarfs to theme the restaurant. Check it out! But I digress…

Who can name all seven of the Dwarfs without cheating? Me neither. So let us cheat together and look at the Squinkies versions of each:

Doc was the leader with Grumpy having the most lines after him. But the last Dwarf didn’t have much to say at all:

Dopey – Bringing Up the Rear

Dopey was always lagging behind… except when it came time to steal an extra kiss from Snow White. And he got it! Who’s the silly ones now, you other Dwarfs?

This link to the Names of the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White is interesting. It gives a nice overview of the background of the dwarfs and how they traveled from literature, to Broadway, to Walt Disney. It’s a trip worth taking with them!

Neither of this woman’s looks were particularly inviting, were they? But I guess the version on the left was less menacing… until you realize that she was the one who wanted to rip out Snow White’s heart! Yikes. Maybe I’ll take my chances with the poison apple!

We are at the end of the post, so only one thing remains to do. I have a question for a certain ‘someone’: “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the greatest blogger of them all?” Can you guess who I’m hoping he says?

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