Found Disney: Snow White in the Carpet?

We are presently on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia. Many are the attractions we have visited! And as I always say, you just never know where a Disney reference will surface.

Or as in this case, show up under foot:

This was found at the Miniature World attraction in Victoria. You can check out the website for a preview of the amazing miniature scenes they have created there. But as everyone else was focusing on the main displays, I was looking up… and down!

The nigh-infamous now-problematic non-consensual kissing scene is reproduced so those who are offended can walk all over it. Have at it!

The main scene above doesn’t look overly 3D in the picture but it was breathtaking in person. The carpet patch was directly in front of this display.

I’m always looking for interesting Disney things on my travels and also found an old Snow White kitchen sink at one Antique Mall I visited years ago. Take a look!

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