DIY – Minnie Mouse Cup or Pencil Holder

Into every life a little weirdness must come. Wow, what a life I must lead! Today’s post contains a very unique Do-It-Yourself project that made it’s way into a Yard Sale and then onto my office desk.

At first I considered this to be a cup holder but upon closer scrutiny, I feel it’s more likely intended to be a pencil holder. I’ll tell you why in a moment:

Built for Two

Minnie is all smiles as she hugs two receptacles. The likeness is very good and the colour scheme is on model.

Gluey Goodness from Behind

This was likely done by a youngster for a school project or home activity. You can see from the extra dabs of glue that the fit and finish isn’t up to ‘Adult’ standards.

The crafty maker used two plastic water bottles for the receptacles which means that you can’t put water bottles or cans of pop into the openings as they are the same size. So that is why I feel it is meant for a desk with pencils and such.

Whatever the intentions, it is a cute little item, perfect for any Disney fan!

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