Found Disney: Toy Display at Vancouver International Airport

I recently visited the Vancouver International Airport to drop off a relative for Departure to Ontario.

While waiting for him to be processed through Customs, I happened to notice a wonderful display of Disney collectibles!

Unfortunately, I was stuck on the other side of a glass barrier! At least I had Tim Horton’s to console me. So as I sat and sipped my coffee, I tried to take the best pictures I could from the distance away that I was.

First, I focused on Donald Duck:

These figures are all from the private collection of Ken Stephens. He purchased them mostly from garage sales and antique markets. He shares that the pieces date from the late 1920s to 2012.

Pluto also got good representation. The nice thing about putting together a collection like this is that the cost isn’t too much. Most of these items would be fairly cheep to buy initially. Of course, in time, their value would increase.

My favorite Disney character is Goofy, so I was stoked to see this nice display featuring nothing but him! I also enjoyed picking out the items that I had in my collection as well.

There was a Mickey Mouse case or two, but they were just too far away to get a good picture. If I had the time, I would have asked to be let into the area for a better look, but it was in the Departure walkway, so it is unlikely I would have been able to obtain permission.

This exhibit seems to have been at the airport since at least 2015 but it began in a different location. You can see even more photographs by checking out another bloggers post here.

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