Star Wars ‘The Mandalorian’ Playing Card Set

At the time of this post there have been just two seasons of The Mandalorian. But what a ride it’s been! Pretty much everyone agrees that the show is one of the best Star Wars productions to date. So naturally, it has spawned a world of merchandise.

While at Winners the other day I noticed this little tin in the lineup for the cashiers. It was intended to be an impulse buy and I just couldn’t resist helping it fulfill its purpose! Maybe it was some Jedi mind manipulation?

Top of Tin Lid

No, I think it was this little guy’s cute face that sucked me in and opened my wallet. And at only $7.99 CAN plus tax it turned out to be the tin I didn’t know I was looking for.

Deal Me In!

The tin holds two unique and distinctive decks of playing cards. One features Concept Art from both seasons of the program and the other is exclusively devoted to Grogu, the Child.

Pick Your Deck

Each deck contains 52 different images, so there is a lot to look at and explore.

The Child deck has only four images that also have other characters in them. Otherwise, only the joker cards have him with another character:

Jokers Are Wild… and Dangerous!

My favorite deck is the Concept Art from Season One and Season Two. I always enjoyed the artwork at the end of the episodes, and these images on the cards seem to be a collection of that artwork.

Whereas the images of Grogu are framed with the shape of his pod, the Concept Art is framed by angles lines, like they have been roughed out.

He’s No Joke

It’s a nice collectible for any Star Wars fan!

Bottom of Tin

So if you’re a Mandalorian fan and like to play cards, this is the Special Edition set for you!

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