Funko Pop! Disneyland 65th Anniversary Captain Hook Figure

The now infamous year of 2020 has come and gone but it did leave behind something positive in the form of the Disneyland 65th Anniversary. Although we didn’t get to celebrate it at the Park itself, we did get to commemorate it with specially branded merchandise.

One of my favorite examples was the Funko Pop! vinyl figure line.

The boxes stand out because of the sepia tone colouring. It makes the packaging seem more vintage and retro!

This series had five individual figures. But there was also a line with characters riding iconic opening day attractions. They were called Funko Minis and the one I have in my collection features Mickey Mouse riding the Matterhorn Bobsleds.

Are you ready to take a peek at the Captain?

I think I see a touch of Errol Flynn from his role as Captain Blood. Am I wrong?

Captain Hook is an imposing figure despite how he is portrayed in the film Peter Pan. Played more for laughs, he didn’t quite live up to his look.

Did you collect 65th Anniversary merchandise because you couldn’t get to the Disneyland Park during 2020?

I have one more figure from this series, namely one Mr. Toad , all wild-eyed and gaga for motor cars. You should check him out before he ends up in… well, you know: Down there!

Also, I have the Disneyland 65th Anniversary Pop! Town Sleeping Beauty Castle & Mickey Mouse. It’s huge and awesome and you might want to check it out too!

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