Funko Pop! Dug Days ‘Dug with Toys’ Figure

Disney+ has started to air a new series of Shorts revolving around the life of Dug, the adorable dog from the Pixar film UP, as he adjusts to his new master, Karl. Season One has five episodes with this collectible being based on Episode 2: Puppies.

The synopsis tells us that Dug learns that puppies are cute, but also a lot of work! And they want to play with your toys. That’s why I don’t have any children. I don’t want to share my toys! Fun is wasted on the young, am I right?

Eventually, Dug learns to share, and even gives the puppies a toy or two to take with them when they leave. But this vinyl figure depicts a moment when Dug was still hoping to keep his toys to himself. Hang onto that moment, Dug!

There are three Dug variants in this set. Dug & Squirrel is from Episode 1: Squirrel, and Dug with Medal is from Episode 3: Smell.

“I Can See You!”

Let’s have a closer look at the figure itself:

Have you ever had a favorite toy(s) and some youngster just keeps bugging you to play with it? Boy, can I relate!

I bought this for my wife as she is a big fan of Dug. And I must say, he is just so durn cute!

It’s all about the toys!

But ultimately it does become about sharing which is a nice little lesson for us all. Unless you don’t want to share your toys. In which case it just comes across as preachy and annoying. Or is that just me? Yeah, it’s probably just me.

I now own far too many of these little plastic thingies. If you want to see more of my collection, just type ‘Funko’ or ‘Pop!’ in the Search box.

And now I would like to end this post with some inspirational and wise words about toys from Dug himself: “Now Puppies, these are my toys. My very special toys for (me). They are not for you!” I could listen to this dog all day.

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