Funko Soda Stan Lee Vinyl Figure

Stan ‘The Man’ Lee passed away on November 12 of 2018. A comic book legend, he helped to create some of the most iconic fictional characters of our modern age. Spiderman, anyone? To his fans, he was a superhero himself.

So how fitting that POW! Entertainment and Funko would Marvel Team-Up to produce the one and only Stan Lee Funko Soda:

They made a can of soda and charged ya some dough,

But, no, no, don’t drink it though!

It’ll make ya ill if you guzzle a gulp of Stan,

’cause there ain’t no pop in this Funko Soda can!

Lyrics by Tex Richman

This is my first Funko Soda so I didn’t know how it opened. I was happy that the pull tab on the top wasn’t real and that the top just popped off, keeping the can intact for future use and storage of the figure. Want to know everything about how to open one?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to open a Funko Soda collectible:

  • Take off the shrink wrap (duh!)
  • Hold the can facing upwards (double-duh!)
  • Now grab the metal cap at the top of the can and lift. It should pop off, but you may need to give a twist
  • Take out the Funko Soda Figure contained within the black plastic bag
  • Rip open the bag and remove the Soda Figure from the bubble wrap
  • You will also find a collectible disc at the bottom of the can

Only bubble wrap can neutralize True Believers. Even Super Stan is helpless within its clutches! But once I freed him, I had a Marvel Two-in-One: A collectible can and a collectible vinyl figure.

POW! Entertainment is a media production company formed in 2001 by Gill Champion, Arthur Lieberman and our beloved former Marvel Comics editor and publisher Stan Lee. 

The can lists this collectible as 1 of 8,000. However, the Pog-type disc that I found in the bottom of the can claims to be 1 of 6,700. So I’m confused! Being new to this line of merchandise, I don’t know just what this is. If you do understand the difference in numbering, please leave a comment to help us out!

Apparently you can remove the figures from the cans without diminishing their value. You don’t need to keep the black plastic bag or the bubble wrap, but I suggest keeping at least the bubble wrap for future storage or shipping, if you should choose to sell.

A little bit of Stan just isn’t enough, so to satiate your Super Thirst for more of him, check out my Book Review of Stan Lee’s Marvelous Memoir. It’s worth shouting about from atop your Soap Box!

From the beginning, you knew how I was going to end this post, didn’t you? Then: ‘Nuff Said!

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