Goofy Finds His Marbles Game by Whitman

Goofy is my favorite Disney character, so when I find a piece of merchandise that features him… I just hand my money over. This time is was only $10.00 CAN happily! But a game called ‘Goofy Finds his Marbles’ intrigued me because it’s commonly known that he lost them long ago. So finding them is big news!

Also intriguing is that in the game play you tend to lose the marbles… so I’m confused… just like Goofy! Well, gawrsh, wha’dya think about that?

Lost or Found?

A role best fitted to the Goof wouldn’t be a detective. I’m just sayin’. But a detective he is and in search of his marbles. We as players of the game can help.

The short and long sides of the box repeat the same information with the inclusion of a contents list on the long side.

The game needs to be propped up so as to allow the marbles to roll down inside the box to land in one of five rewards or penalties spots. They are:

Goofy Forgets Spy Coat. Start Over

Donald Catches Thief. Go Ahead 5

Pluto Sniffs Wrong Clue. Go Back 4

Mickey Helps Goofy. Go Ahead 3

Goofy Loses His Marbles. Go Back 2

With the spinner, you can move between one and five spaces. You can choose between four colours of marbles:

The game is designed for two to four players between the ages of four and eight. My wife and I played it (just to test it, you understand) and it was fun, but obviously wouldn’t hold the attention of older children.

The game play is basic and found in many other games: You spin the spinner, get a number between 1-5, move your marble along the path, if you fall in a hole your marble falls to the bottom into a slot, you do what the slot says, you move on, then the next player begins. Game play ends when someone reaches the finish with an exact spin.

It all began for Whitman Publishing in 1938 when they began to publish coin and stamp collecting books and materials. Along the way they started publishing other books and distributing games and puzzles, sometimes based on Disney franchises. They also published illustrated card games including War, Hearts, Fish, Old Maid, and Crazy Eights. The company is now owned by Anderson Press.

In the two games my wife and I played, I won, or found my marbles first, both times. As far as I know, she is still looking for hers. I’ll pay for that later!

If you’d like to see some examples from my collection of the Books and Puzzles produced by Whitman, just click the links!

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