40th Anniversary Star Wars Collectible Tin w/Books

In a country far, far, away, a British publishing company was tasked with printing and distributing a collectible for a franchise of immense popularity. This collectible would reach into every other country and relieve Star Wars fans of their hard-earned money. Only the Rebels would resist. The rest… would pay any price!

I bought it used from a charity shop for just $7.99 CAN. Hey, I’m a fan… not stupid.

I will admit though that I thought it came with a copy of the original Star Wars movie that started it all, A New Hope, but it didn’t. But the books it contains are well worth the purchase anyway.

This was released 40 years after the first Star Wars movie hit theatres, so in 2017. Which is already almost 5 years ago! Time is moving faster than the Millennium Falcon during a jump into Hyperspace!

The tin is embossed with an image of the Death Star. But you have to flip it over to see the advertising page on the back to know what is inside and how much you had to pay. In Europe, it was almost 15 pounds, or about $20.00 US.

First is a nice and simplified novelization of the original movie, A New Hope, by Ryder Windham. On the back cover you can clearly see that this novel was not released to book stores for sale, but only with this collectible.

But as great as the novelization is, the Doodle Book is the star of this tin:

Drawn in a childlike manner, the pictures already make you laugh! But the real fun comes from being able to draw in your own interpretations of some of the key scenes from the movie. And there’s some silly made-up scenes too!

The last image in the Doodle Book corrects a mistake that many Star Wars fans have always wanted to see corrected:

I’ll share one last image to show just how fun and funny these pictures are:

I remember the iconic scene above, but I don’t remember Princess Leia doing that! Although I could totally see her doing it.

Back Cover

Don’t worry, the droids you’re looking for are in the book too! Did we just get a ‘Thumbs Up’ from C-3P0?

While you’re here, why not check out The Jedi Training Academy in Disneyland and some Star Wars Cosplayers at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair. If you thought Ewoks were adorable, you’ll flip over the infant Stormtroopers we saw!

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