Ashton-Drake Disney ‘All Packed’ Porcelain Doll

I’ve added a third member to my Ashton-Drake porcelain doll collection. They all have a Disney theme. But this little blond girl just may be the cutest of the trio! But don’t tell them I said so, you’re not supposed to have a favorite child.

With her Minnie Ears and Minnie Mouse patch overalls, and let’s not overlook the polka dots, she’s ready to stand out at the Parks!

Her head, hands, and legs, are porcelain. The rest of the body is cloth with stuffing. The outfit is fabric with the accessories being highly detailed.

Each Disney doll in this series has a Disney accessory, or accessories, of their own. For blondie here, she gets the Disney-themed clothing of course, but also an excellent piece of carry-on luggage:

Is it American Tourister?

They went above and beyond with this accessory! It has a collapsible handle, a luggage tag, and the wheels actually turn. The zipper also works but it is does not open the bag. There is nothing inside.

Below are the boxes the doll came in:

How much value today?

So the tagline for Ashton-Drake dolls is ‘Bringing You Dolls of Irresistible Value’. This particular example sold for $150.00 when it was released but I just bought it second hand for just $30.00 but that included another doll and a display case, that you will see as you scroll up. That said, my research shows that other ‘All Packed’ dolls have sold for between $25.00 and $625.00 on eBay. An average price is listed at $135.00 US.

Each doll comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and a 6-page booklet giving the backstory of the character, unpacking instructions, and a bio of the artist. In this case, one Alex Tsalikhin. You can enlarge any of the images above to read these snippets for yourself.

Family Portrait

My little addition is part of the Goin’ to Walt Disney World Collection. But she fits in so well with my other two Ashton-Drake Disney-themed dolls, who are also ready for a trip to the Vacation Kingdom. The older girl is from the First Day at Walt Disney World Collection (she’s missing her balloon and shopping bag accessories) and the boy is also from the First Day at Walt Disney World Collection (he still has his Goofy hat and box of popcorn). This collection stopped firing in 2002. I don’t know the exact year that the Goin’ to Walt Disney Collection ceased firing, but the lady I bought her off of said she thinks she purchased the doll in either 2000 or 2001, so it is likely it ceased firing in 2002 as well.

Who said quarantine couldn’t be fun?

As mentioned, this latest acquisition came with an acrylic display case just the right size for my porcelain family. Finally, no more trying to get dust out of their hair! My live-in cleaner/duster (aka: my wife) is rejoicing. We’ll let them out to play once in a while.

I have one more Ashton-Drake porcelain doll, this one from the Babies in Dreamland Collection. You’ll be amazed at the level of realism and the sheer cuteness of a ‘baby’ in a Goofy onesie!

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