Minnie Mouse Ear Ring Jewellery Stand

Today we visit what one can only assume should be a crime scene! It looks like we have gone back in time to the gangster era when people were regularly riddled with bullets. Fortunately, cartoon characters never die from such wounds, but still… it must have hurt!

Seriously though, Minnie isn’t riddled with bullets, just holes for the placement of ear rings. Now that’s not so bad, is it?

That must have hurt! Just a little bit?

Minnie looks happy enough though, so no harm no foul. Sporting her vintage look with polka dot skirt and that iconic flower hat, she is stylin’ as she guards your best costume jewellery.

This pewter (?) or stainless steel piece is painted only on one side. And if you turn it sideways, it almost disappears!

The copyright is Walt Disney Productions which places this accessory to before 1987, when this particular trademark name was discontinued. For a look at Disney trademarks and what years they covered, check out this companion post.

I wonder if Minnie will turn green if you put a cheap pairs of ear rings on her?

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