Disney Character Fashions Mickey Mouse Sweater

Today I’m stylin’ in my sweater, which is a knitted garment typically with long sleeves, worn over the upper body. It can also be called a pullover or woollies (in the UK).

This is a vintage garment that I know is pre-1987 for it bears the trademark of Walt Disney Productions. This branding name was dropped after 1987.

This is a Men’s L (or Large) and fits tightly. It wasn’t designed to be a baggy fit but rather it was intended to form to the body. The sleeves are snug. The material is thin so you can see through it if you wear a dark shirt underneath, as I am in the picture above. But the red collar adds a colourful touch, don’t you think?

Mickey’s pose is not a usual one. He is modeled after a more 1940s look for the character. Note the pie eyes, his shorter body, and tube arms and legs. The lettering for ‘Mickey Mouse’ is also a bid odd, as the ‘I’ ‘C’ and ‘K’ in his first name are askew while the rest of the letters are straight.

I don’t think too many garments are made from 100% Acrylic anymore. Sweaters from this material can be a bit stiff and itchy and be problematic in the dryer, as they create static. You can check out this link for suggestions on how to manage the cleaning of an Acrylic garment.

The back has no imagery. But the ribbing around the V-neck collar, waist, and wrists, all provide a nice accent for interest.

You can see two more sweaters from our wardrobe. These ones are a set that my Mum made for my wife and I. Just click the link here. They are beyond awesome!

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