The Art of Pixar Postcard Box Set – Volume 1

I had 100 reasons to buy this set of postcards. Don’t worry, I’m not going to list them! But I am going to show you a few of them.

Years ago I attended the Science of Pixar Exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum and yes, the attraction exited into a gift shop. I know. Shocking. But I was strong and only bought half of what they were selling!

Amongst the swag I came away with was this wonderful keepsake commemorating some of Pixar’s best-loved films.

The only thing I could say that is a negative about this set was that the cards warped shortly after I opened the box. They are high gloss and that may be why they did that. So now they don’t store well in the original box but are still great to look at.

Speaking of looking, as promised, here are just some of the reasons I bought this set:

The set contains some screen shots from the films but also many cards that feature concept art. It’s a nice way to see some of the original but rejected designs for some of your favorite characters. Some cards are reproductions of movie posters and advertising sheets.

If you so choose, you could actually use these as actual postcards and thrill your Disney friends with a little piece of Disney/Pixar magic out of the blue! I have no intention of doing this. To quote three very vocal friends that I have: “Mine! Mine! Mine!” Finding Nemo reference, anyone?

Pixar became a separate company from Lucasfilm in 1986. So the 20th Anniversary would have been in 2005, which coincides with the release date of this set. Chronicle Books is the publisher. If you click the link to their website, you can still find this set of postcards, as well as Volume 2 (which I also have) for just $22.95 US. There are also 30 other books to purchase.

I collect vintage Disney postcards, so when I saw this set, it wasn’t hard to decide to purchase!

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