Found Disney: Ceramic Pluto Planter

Rainy days and Mondays always get some people down, but not this person! Okay, it was a Thursday when I wrote this post and a Friday when it went live… but you get the idea. Instead of wasting the day because of the rain, we decided to check out some local Antique Markets.

And look who I found:

What is more fun to say than ‘Pluto Planter’? And what is cuter? Pluto pulling a little wooden wagon full of (eventual) flowers = cuteness overload!

This was a pictures-only ‘acquisition’ as the asking price and what I would be willing to pay were too far apart. No amount of haggling would have bridged the gap!

These ceramic planters are nice vintage collectibles. I will likely break down and pick this one up eventually. I have other types of planters in my collection, like this mini-Mickey planter by Enesco.

What have you found out in ‘The Wild’ lately?

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