Pixar ‘Inside Out’ Anger Mini Tsum Tsum

Pixar released its 15th full-length animated film in 2015 to rave reviews and viewer delight. I thoroughly enjoyed Inside Out! But what I really loved was finding my new ‘Spirit Buddy’ in the form of the character named Anger.

Just look at that face and tell me you haven’t felt that way at least once in your life:

Should Anger enter politics?

Tsum Tsum have been around for awhile now and are found in many different forms. They started first with a line of small plushies, then moved to various sizes of plastic, like this one, and then finished up with a full line of other unique products. You can even watch some Tsum Tsum Shorts by clicking the link!

Looks angry from the side too

I usually don’t jump on the bandwagon at the start of each new craze Disney introduces to their merchandising chains. I know each new offering is just an attempt to milk my wallet for more of my hard-earned cash and so I resist for as long as I can. With the Tsum Tsum line, I was able to hold out for quite a long time until I found a bunch on sale. ‘On Sale’ is my Kryptonite! Now I have too many. Curse you Disney, stop picking my pocket!

That’s quite the place to be branded!

I find it hilarious that Anger has his little necktie on his shirt front, but that it’s actually underneath him when you set him down ‘on all fours’. I am definitely easily amused.

You can see my Mickey and Minnie Tsum Tsum plushies here and my Starlord Tsum Tsum plush here. Both links contain more information about the lines and a basic pricing guide.

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