Bhunny Mickey Mouse Vinyl Figure

Okay, just how many companies are producing vinyl figures now? It’s beginning to feel like hundreds! Well, maybe not that many, but too many for sure. Now we have kidrobot throwing their hat into the ring with a Mickey and Friends line called Bhunny.

Why did I buy it if I’m fed up with the saturated vinyl market? It was on sale. Regular pricing is between $13.00 and $17.00 depending on who’s dollar your looking at, but I got mine for just under $6.00 CAN.

Kidrobot has released the Bhunny figure designed by Frank Kozik, world-renowned artist and Kidrobot Chief Creative Officer. The first series featured six iconic licensed characters. Since then, a modest amount of other IPs have been added. Included are Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The only other Disney character in this line to date is Winnie the Pooh.

This is the promotional spiel from the official website about the Mickey Mouse figure I am showing in this post: “Kidrobot brings to life the Disney characters that started it all. Introducing Mickey Mouse and friends Bhunny 4-inch Vinyl Figures designed by Frank Kozik, world-renowned artist and Kidrobot Chief Creative Officer. This Mickey Mouse Bhunny features the iconic anthropomorphic mouse in his signature white gloves and red shorts, and coming with a Disney keychain.”

I love when a package says ‘Collect Them All!’ on the back when there are only two figures available. I guess ‘Collect Them Both!’ just doesn’t have the same ring.

Is this figure as cute as a Disney Vinylmation, a Funko Pop! or Dorbz? You be the judge:

Rendered in his classic look with pie eyes and simple red shorts, Mickey looks happy to be here. As you can see in the first picture below, Mickey’s head swivels just like most other vinyl figures from other companies.

Have you noticed that all vinyl figures have oversized heads on top of tiny bodies. Ever wonder why? I think the designers are trying to cash in on the cuteness of babies. With their big heads and big wide open eyes, they just make you go ‘Aww!’ In real life, it makes you love and protect your child. In the store, it makes you buy vinyl figures.

Shown above is the plastic keychain that came with the figure with Bhunny on one side and Disney on the other.

At present, this company seems to have less than two dozen figures. Do you like the design? Are you looking forward to seeing some of your favorite characters rendered in this style? Me… not so much.

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