Drinking Around the Blog with Mickey: Wine Stopper

Well, not really. A popular thing to do at EPCOT is to Drink Around the World. This is where you buy an alcoholic beverage at each of the eleven countries represented in the World Showcase. I can’t say I’ve ever done this as it seems like it would be a tad bit expensive!

Also, my wife and I aren’t big drinkers. I hit the Coke Zero a little too hard and my wife, she likes the tea. But when we have company over, invariably they bring a bottle of wine. If it isn’t opened, it stays with us and finds its way into a cupboard until the next gathering.

We recently had some friends over and opened a bottle of wine but it wasn’t finished off. So what were we to do to keep it fresh? The cork wouldn’t go back in the bottle. And then I remembered something we had in the back of a kitchen drawer:

What’ll ya have?

This is a solid metal stopper with the Hidden Mickey motif prominently in evidence. The rubber rings fit snuggly into any size of bottle neck.

I just noticed that I’m ‘triplicated’ in the reflection of the stopper. Wish I could claim to have done that on purpose to add photographic brilliance to the post!

We buy the cheap stuff

Would you use such a device to keep your unfinished wine fresh for later consumption or does the Vino stand no chance of surviving to the end of one of your parties?

If you like wine, you may like to check out the two bottles we were given while on our Disney Cruise.

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