Funko Incredibles 2 Vinyl Figures

The Incredibles 2 movie came out in 2018 as a sequel to the incredibly successful first installment aptly titled The Incredibles. But in my opinion, the second outing was less than incredible. But these Incredibles 2 vinyl figures by Funko are incredible! And incredibly, I will likely have to use the word ‘incredible’, or iterations of it, many more times. Incredible.

The gangs almost all here

The story told in the sequel follows the Incredibles as they try to restore the public’s trust in superheroes while balancing their family life, only to combat a new foe who seeks to turn the populace against all superheroes. Seems like a good premise. But critics found a problem.

The first movie was about a father who didn’t realize how much he needed his family. By the end of the story, he learned the value of teamwork, and the family agreed to face the world together from then on. Unfortunately, Brad Bird and the team decided to make this movie about how the mother goes off to fight the good fight… alone. Incredible. But not so much.

I bought these little vinyl figures because A) They are cute little dickens B) They have fun accessories, and C) I needed something to love about Incredibles 2.

Unfortunately the store where I got these four figures didn’t have the fifth and final character, Jack-Jack. So now I have to hunt him down like a maniacal Super Villain on a mission. Incredible. There’s that word again.

Funko has molded in plastic just about every IP known to fandom at this point. There truly is something for everyone in their product line. Or as in this case, something I didn’t really want until I found it on sale. Yup. The discount sucked me in again as I paid only just under $7.00 CAN each for these figures.

I did a post back in 2016 that has nothing to do with the Incredibles 2, but it does have Mr. Incredible in it. Why am I including it at the end of this post? Because I just re-read it and got a snicker out of it! If you are ready to titter, giggle, or just outright guffaw, check out the post entitled Pixar Character Lamp.

EDITORIAL UPDATE – DEC. 7/21: I have found Jack-Jack! He is now reunited with his family on my display shelves.

And he too was on sale! For just $6.29 CAN I have completed my incredible family of superheroes, with accessories.

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