The Art of Pixar Postcard Box Set – Volume 2

Before you explore The Art of Pixar – Volume 2, you may want to check out The Art of Pixar – Volume 1 first. That earlier post will fill you in on how I came to have these two pieces of collectible ephemera. It also contains images of how the box opens and what the contents look like, en masse.

So as not to repeat myself, I will simply show you the box and some of the contents from Volume 2:

Briefly, I will add that these postcards contain concept art and final frames from six Pixar films and all 18 of the Shorts that had been released up to the time this box set was sold.

Partly Cloudy

The key difference between Volume 1 and Volume 2 is to be found on the backs of the postcards. In Volume 1, the back had the name of the art found on the front, the obligatory copyright stuff, and the stamp square. But Volume 2 added a line drawing of the character found on the front. This is a welcome upgrade!

As we come to the close of another post, I hope you all feel as warm and fuzzy as Andy does as he snuggles in for an afternoon nap with his friends! Now that’s a concept. Art.

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