Funko POP! Toy Story Mrs. Nesbit Vinyl Figure

Just when I think there couldn’t possibly be another Funko Pop! that I’d have to own, one just jumps off the shelf at me and yells “BUY ME!” And I do. Mrs. Nesbit is a funny version of the Buzz Lightyear character that appeared for a short cameo in the original Toy Story film. His/her claim to fame? Helping us all realize that a person can get drunk… on tea!

This version of Buzz is perhaps even funnier than Delusional Buzz (see Toy Story 2) or Spanish Buzz (see Toy Story 3). I can only imagine how much fun Tim Allen had voicing this segment!

And what Funko Pop! figure jumped off the shelf at me? This one:

Don’t you get it? Can’t you see the hat? I am Mrs. Nesbit.”

Variant figures are the bread and butter of any franchise. You only have to look at the line of Cars merchandise to see just how many versions of a character Pixar can create to make money! Am I complaining? Yes… but also buying!

The hat looked good. Tell me the hat looked good! The apron is a bit much…”

If they made a hundred versions of Mrs. Nesbit, I would buy them all! The hat does indeed look good, and the apron? Maybe it is a bit much.

Mrs. Nesbit comes with one accessory: Buzz Lightyear’s detached left arm, complete with tea pot clutched in the fingers.

In the world of vinyl figures, Funko seems to have the best line of IPs available. And there seems to be no end of new characters and variations coming in the future! I wonder what Buzz Lightyear would say if he knew that by becoming a Space Ranger, he’d missed out on becoming a star toy designer?

Years of Academy training… WASTED!”

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