Peterbourgh Examiner: TODAY Insert featuring Stan Lee

‘Stan the Man’. There could be only one man on the planet who deserves that nickname, and that’s the legendary Stan Lee! Of course, he could also be called ‘Captain Cameo’, but that’s for another article. The article in this post was found in the Peterborough Examiner of Saturday, April 18th, 2015.

TODAY published a one-page spread by Mark Daniell:

Stan makes brief comments on the war between Marvel and DC at the Box Office, how pleased he is to see Spiderman join the MCU, and his excitement about his heroes starting to populate the small screen. He even goes on record to state what his favorite cameo appearance was! But you’ll have to enlarge the page below to find out.

The character Stan gets asked about the most is Spiderman. He does have a special place in his heart for the wallcrawler, even copying his signature hand gesture with each pose he does for the fans. However, he does admit in the article that he loves everything he’s done! So no ‘favorite child’ there.

You won’t learn too much about Stan you likely didn’t already know by reading this article, but it is interesting to learn where his head was at in 2015.

For more Stan the Man wonderfulness, check out my review of his comic-styled life story entitled Stan Lee’s Marvelous Memoir. No hype there!

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