Pixar Toy Story Trading Cards by Skybox

Trading Cards are still popular but not perhaps as much as they were. You can purchase complete sets for very reasonable prices at flea markets and collector shows. I paid only $14.99 CAN for this set of Pixar Toy Story trading cards from Skybox. Value Village comes through for me again!

This set contains 98 individual cards:

Whoever owned this set before me took the time to buy an oversized hard plastic case to protect the cards. I promptly dropped it on the floor and broke the hinges, hence the tape you see in the picture above.

Packs of 16

Each pack has 16 cards wrapped in a plastic sleeve (above). Each pack contained not only the basic image cards but also the full range of specialty cards.

Below is listed the types of cards and amounts for each:

1-30 Story Cards

These cards contain screen grabs from the film itself. Most of the key scenes are represented featuring the main characters.

31-38 Character Cards

Each main character gets their own card with a complete biography on the back. Did you know that all of the fictional features that the Buzz action figure was supposed to have were transferred to the real toy available in stores except the karate-chop action?

39, 40 Class Clown Cards

41-43 Green Army Men Cards

44-46 Woody Cards

47-49 Buzz Lightyear Cards

50-52 Mutant Toy Cards

53, 54 Checklist Cards

I always find it funny that the Checklist cards are never card numbers ‘1’ and ‘2’. In this large set, they are card numbers ’53’ and ’54’. Of course, this doesn’t matter as you get the set in random packs of 16 so it could be many purchases later before you even get a Checklist card!

55-58 Puzzle Cards

I’m conflicted when I collect specialty cards like these puzzle cards, as well as the remaining types of cards in this set. I want to break them apart and use them for their intended purpose, but I don’t want to mess with the mint condition of my collection. Oh, the internal conflict!

59-74 Pop-Out Cards

These Pop-Out cards come with ‘simple’ instructions on the back. But they forgot the final step. “H” should say ‘Throw your hands up in frustration and give up!’

75-90 Construction Cards

Each Construction project requires three or four cards to complete. So if you intended to build a character, again, you would have to wait until you’ve purchased multiple packs. Or multiples upon multiples. Just how rich are you, by the way?

Badge Cards 1-8

A badge is a a distinctive emblem that is worn upon one’s person which consists of a distinguishing emblem. These Toy Story badges have no way of affixing them to your clothing so are basically only good for collecting and trading. But they are distinguished!

My set contained no Foil Embossed cards or 3D Motion cards. Each of these would replace ‘normal’ issue cards to complete your set. So two people could have complete sets but with some different cards. I believe if you bought an entire box of any Skybox release you would end up with a complete set, but not necessarily one containing the bonus FE or 3D cards.

I’ve never bought a set of trading cards one pack at a time. I always wait until the run has ended and buy the set complete from a collector. Well, none of my friends collect this stuff so I have no one to trade with! And their mothers won’t let them come out to play with me anyway.

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