Celebration, Florida Promotional Brochure

The Town That Disney Built“. We visited this wonderful, idyllic, Disney town in 2014. Of course, by then, Disney had sold it off and had washed its hands of the project. The Mouse House does tend to do things like that! But they left behind a beautiful functioning town.

The place offers some town-specific merchandise, one of which you can see here. This previous post also contains some pictures from around the town. But I especially liked this piece of ephemera. It makes a nice keepsake:

Front Cover

Produced as a basic guide to the area, this fold-out brochure gives you everything you need to know about Celebration, Florida.

Information Spread

We did walk around the main areas of the town, but didn’t stick to the Architectural Walking Tour offered in the center spread of the brochure. We also drove up and down some of the streets to admire the variety of construction styles used for the houses.

Town of Celebration Map

Do you get lost easily? It would be hard to lose your way in Celebration, but if you are the type to take a statement like that as a challenge, you might want to carry this brochure with you! The map is excellent and comprehensive.

Back Cover

Ephemera are items of collectible memorabilia, typically written or printed like this one, that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity. But for a Disney collector, we tend to keep things like this promotional brochure alive for way longer than it was ever intended to be enjoyed!

My paper, magazine, and book collection is becoming quite extensive, with two large book cases unable to contain it. And still I buy more!

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