Funko Minis Disneyland 65th Hook on Peter Pan Attraction

It may be a pirate’s life for Captain Hook, but it’s a collector’s job for me! I never wanted a large collection of Funko Pop! vinyl figures. However, they keep coming out with interesting designs and concepts, like this Funko Minis Disneyland Resort 65th Anniversary Captain Hook at Peter Pan’s Flight Attraction offering. Long name. Small toy.

Let’s have a look at the vintage-style packaging:

I like how this line of merchandise is sold in sepia tone packaging. Though it does make it hard to decide if I’m going to remove the figure for display or leave him/her in the box.

I know Captain Hook isn’t supposed to look cute, but…

Even though the actual 65th Anniversary of Disneyland was in the now-infamous 2020, and the Park itself was closed, the merchandise was still created and sold at other outlets.

For more swashbuckling fun, check out my full-sized Disneyland 65th Anniversary Captain Hook vinyl figure. If you don’t, I’ll have someone visit your town and scuttle your butt! Whatever that means. But I’ll do it!

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