Pressed Pennies from Disney and Elsewhere

Pressed Pennies are unique little collectibles that are fun to create and cheap to obtain. For just 50 cents and an old penny, you can own one of these brass beauties. I did a post covering some of the offerings from Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure already. Now it’s time to spread our wings and travel to other places outside the Disney Parks to find other pressings.

First, we aren’t going to travel too far outside Disney proper with a Resort pressing from Walt Disney World:

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort offers you the chance “To be surrounded by artistic quality, enchantment and the magic of Disney and Pixar films. Stay at a Disney Resort hotel that invites you to explore the sets of classics such as Finding Nemo, Cars, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid. From beautifully decorated family suites to wonderfully detailed courtyards, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort invites you and your family to be a part of some of your favorite animated movies.”

And the chance to get this wonderful pressed penny with the Resorts official logo.

Next we have two vertical pressings:

I can’t remember where I got the Goofy penny, but he is my favorite character, so I likely just had to have him! The second vertical penny was obtained during a trip to Chicago some years ago. Navy Pieris where you go in Chicago for events, free public programs, attractions, culture, dining, shopping and more. It’s where fun lives large, whether you’re a visitor or local, with family or friends.”

We attended a toy and game convention in the facilities of the Navy Pier and found the location to be quite interesting and entertaining. But you can’t claim to offer it all unless you have a machine that makes pressed pennies!

Veering to another Disney property next, we have:

While staying at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, you can “Relax on warm sand and play in… sparkling blue waters. Just two hours southeast of Walt Disney World Resort, this elegant old-fashioned hideaway is located on Florida’s scenic Atlantic Treasure Coast near the charming community of Vero Beach. Get away from it all in spacious lodgings that provide the comforts of home with an idyllic beach practically at your doorstep.

And you guessed it, they have a way for you to spend 51 cents!

Next to last we have another Disney venue:

In the 1920s, real estate developer Charles Toberman and Sid Grauman built the Egyptian, Chinese and El Capitan theatres. The El Capitan Theatre went through many changes until the Walt Disney Company joined forces with Pacific Theatres and launched a two-year, museum quality restoration in 1989. I attended the launch of the Disney Infinity gaming platform at this location and was blown away by the beauty of the structure! And yes, of course, I obtained a pressed penny.


Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum is bizarre, strange, weird, at times sick, grotesque, and twisted. But at all times wonderful! In a nutshell (and I do mean ‘nut’) it contains dozens of coin-operated machines from the last 100 years. So don’t just take your 51 cents for the pressed penny, you’ll need dimes and quarters aplenty to fully enjoy this place/attraction/destination/experience!

It just goes to show that when an idea works, everyone uses it. Pressed pennies are here to stay. And I bet you won’t be able to stop at collecting just one, but you’ll never own every one ever offered!

FUN FACTS: Pressed Pennies are classified as exonumia. This is something that resembles money but that is not legal tender, such as subway tokens or wooden nickels. Yes, they actually exist! For the top Ten Interesting Facts about Pressed Pennies, check out the link.

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