Pixar’s CARS 3 Joe Don Jackson Die Cast

Joe Don Jackson appears only in the sequel Cars 3 where he is depicted as a vintage racer who competed in the Piston Cup Racing Series with the number 7, during the famous race where Doc. Hudson crashed. He was sponsored by Po’Tater’s Garage & Gas and Southern Special.

This die cast model is being sold as a new release in 2021. And it shows that they are definitely digging deep to find characters to promote!

I like the name of the sponsor! A bit more of the history on that garage would be fun. I don’t buy every die cast model that comes out (who could?) but I focus on the unique ones. So when I see a character based on a vintage model of car, that’s when I pull out the old wallet.

Any guesses what the license plate represents?

Mattel does a good job of crafting this line of merchandise. I like the level of detail in the undercarriages and the heft of the cars themselves. They are not cheaply made!

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