Mickey Mouse Plastic Thermos Vacuum Bottle

Aladdin is a well-known manufacturer of beverage containers. This Mickey Mouse Vacuum Bottle, or thermos, is a nice example of an inexpensive and simple way to carry your… coffee?

Being as this would likely be carried by a younger person, I’d say you’d be more likely to find hot chocolate in this thermos. And that’s not a bad thing!


Most thermos bottles that you see are much smaller and designed to fit into a lunch box. You can see an example of one that I have in my collection that features Mickey at Walt Disney World by clicking the link. This model was obviously meant to be carried separately.

Striking a pose

Although this thermos was likely sold in the early 1980s, Mickey is depicted in his most iconic pose, one that was first seen in the days of the Shorts. Some things are timeless!

Now if you will excuse me, it may be time for some hot chocolate and cookies. For me. Not you.

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