Funko POP! Remix Elastigirl Vinyl Figure

It’s an alien. It’s a superhero. It’s a POP! Remix vinyl figure of Elastigirl from The Incredibles! And it’s just weird enough to join my collection of Funko figurines.

This is a FYE Exclusive. FYE stands ‘For Your Entertainment’. The first FYE store opened in 1993 at the Trumbull Mall in Trumbull, Connecticut. It seems to have a primarily online presence today.

Elastigirl had a great career going before marrying Mr. Incredible. Her costume was simple and elegant. I like it better than the red Incredibles suit the whole family wears now. Apparently the LGM agrees with me as he has chosen to wear the vintage costume for his cosplay.

In the first Incredibles movie, Helen worries about how big her butt looks because of her new uniform. With this figure, I think she needs to worry about her head!

As is the case with all of these Funko figures, only the head moves.

The Remix line of merchandise also includes plushies. I have several versions, all of which are contained in my Pixar Limited Release REMIX LGM Plush series, Part One and Part Two. Part One even has an Incredibles figure!

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