Vintage Disney Character Felt Ornaments

In modern times, Hallmark and the Disney Store cornered the market on ornaments. But we don’t want to think that either company had the best or cutest ornaments! As these vintage Disney character felt ornaments will prove, sometimes ‘old school’ is the best school!

Prepare to go ‘Aww’:

These are feather-lite but pack a cute punch! Dumbo is in full flight and wearing his circus clown attire. And he looks so happy!

Walt Disney Productions was used as a trademark from 1929 to 1986. The fact that these ornaments were Made in Hong Kong likely dates them to the earlier side of that date range.

He’s got no strings, except for the one coming out of his head. Pinocchio sports his wooden arms and legs but his human face. Is he in mid-transformation? Is he back on Pleasure Island? What’s happening here?!?

I was surprised to find this character in the box of ornaments. He is the Walrus from Alice in Wonderland. Not a popular fan favorite and probably not a character most Disney fans would quickly identify. But the level of detail in his felt clothing is impressive!

I’m not a holiday kind of guy, but I like these types of ornaments because they aren’t directly linked to the season. So you can display them anytime of the year.

Please enjoy this earlier post by our contributor Nick about the Hallmark Ornament Premier Weekend. I don’t think they do this anymore, at least not in Canada, but it looks like a good time and a great way to get the jump on the best ornaments!

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