Disney Mickey Mouse Stemless Glass Set

Most wine glasses traditionally have a stem with a base. But this Disney Mickey Mouse Stemless Glass Set does not… obviously, hence the name. So with the stems missing, I assume one could be forgiven for drinking other beverages other than wine.

Regardless of what you choose to imbibe, Mickey and Minnie will make it a romantic experience!

These glasses hold 9 ounces of liquid. If this liquid is wine, than this size is in keeping with the perfect pour. The standard white wine glass holds between 8 to 12 ounces. The standard red wine glass holds between 8 to 22 ounces. The extra space in red wine glasses allows for two things:

Older, full-bodied and high-tannin red wines aerate better by being spread out across a larger surface area. And wider, bulbous glassware shapes can help trap and funnel complex aromas more effectively. With those two facts in mind, these glasses would be best for a white wine.

To get the perfect wine glass pour, regardless of the size of your glassware, a standard wine pour is 5 ounces. But to get the perfect kiss, it would be best to face each other!

These glasses are paired so that Minnie is facing to the right, and Mickey…

… is facing to the left. One would imagine that the sound of them meeting in the middle with a smooch would make a clinking sound.

Silver Buffalo is the manufacturer of these glasses. If you visit their site, you’ll find they produce a vast range of IPs including all of the Disney brands. Silver Buffalo is a trend setting manufacturer and distributor of licensed home décor and housewares. They are a creative think tank working in collaboration with the world’s top entertainment companies and most recognized consumer brands to develop unique, creative and ground-breaking products.

If you’re into IP-themed products, you could do much worse than perusing the Silver Buffalo website! They have a lot of amazing and fun things.

Some day, I hope to get a kickback for all of the plugs I provide!

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