Sleeping Beauty Ceramic Drinking Stein

This Sleeping Beauty ceramic drinking stein should prove one thing: If Aurora had drank coffee out of this mug, she never would have fallen asleep! Ever.

But she didn’t and we all know how that worked out for her. We don’t need to make the same mistake, however, so let’s have a look at the vessel for our next cup of mead, er… Java:

I picked this up from a local woman for just $10.00 CAN. It has a nice weight to it with some very beautiful sculpting work! The image is a bit generic, but you can’t have everything.

Kudos to the Disney Store for commissioning this mug with castle motifs sculpted all around the ‘sides’. The ‘gold’ trimming is a nice touch as well.

I’m finding more and more items that are Made in Thailand. Usually you find mostly China or Japan as a place of manufacture.

If you’re still awake at this point, I’m impressed! Even Aurora would have nodded off by now. Perhaps you are drinking from one of your own royal goblets a stimulating mixture, so tasty?

For a much less regal stein, check out this Thermo-Serve plastic offering featuring none other than Mickey Mouse himself along with other characters and attractions from Walt Disney World.

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