POP! Remix Russell Vinyl Figure

The LGMs are at it again! Funko has released a new edition to it’s Remix line of vinyl figures with Russell from the Pixar movie UP.

Just don’t call him ‘Four-eyes’! He only has three:

Adventure is definitely ‘Out there!’ with this little vinyl figure. I’m amazed at how much detail the Funko team put into his uniform:

I’ve mentioned in other posts how the place of manufacturing seems to be changing from China to other locals around the world. Most popular for Disney merchandise seems to be Thailand, but Funko has chosen Vietnam. Still not much being made in the USA or Canada, unfortunately!

The Disney/Pixar merger seems to be producing some unique characters, and along with them, some really special pieces of merchandise.

To see many more of the characters that LGMs have dressed up as in this Remix collection, have a look at my Remix Pen Set. All four pens have images of the characters with some floating! You just have to check them out!

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