Bradford Editions Peasant Snow White Bell

The Bradford Exchange has been in business for a long, loooong, time. Maybe you remember them from the dark days of plate collecting? But even though that craze ended, the Exchange marched on in creating decorative merchandise for the masses.

The Bradford Exchange has a foundation of decades of experience and trust in the international collectibles market. Founded in 1973 by J. Roderick MacArthur in Chicago Illinois, The Bradford Exchange was at first known as a computerized trading center for limited-edition collector’s plates (yup, those things you see at every yard sale for a buck now), an innovation that completely revolutionized the collectibles market of that era. The company has been recognized as the premier source for a vast array of unique limited-edition collectibles and fine gifts that offer an exceptionally high level of artistry, innovation and enduring value.

This is a great example of when the Bradford Exchange got it right! The Bradford Editions Peasant Snow White Bell is truly stunning:

There are so many features to this item! The birds, the peasant version of her attire, and the wonderful image of the ‘Happily Ever After’ moment from the movie. With Snow White in her iconic blue and gold gown, I might add!

As you turn the figurine around, you notice what is perhaps unnecessary detail, but you will see patches on the dress. It’s always good when a sculpture gives attention to the back of a piece!

But not just a figurine, this piece is actually a bell! You can see the clapper in the picture above. I can’t imagine using this to summon someone as I’d be afraid to break it.

I enjoy finding unique ways of displaying my collection. When I saw this round shelving unit in a local chain store, I knew it would suit my homes esthetic. That esthetic being eclectic! I like mixing different characters in groupings to spark visual interest. So Snow shares the platform with two dwarfs, a nesting doll, a tin toy, and a miniature Mickey mantel clock (Mickey Mouse, not Mickey Mantle).

If you want more Snow White goodness, check out her stint as a Squinkie. Don’t worry, all of the seven dwarfs and the evil Queen are also there. The Prince who some day came, too!

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