Disney Movie Club Promotional Stickers

Do you remember when you used to get an advertising packet in the mail from the Disney Movie Club? They were always trying to get you to buy into their monthly movie (ahem) scam for pennies on the dollar and a bunch of free titles up front. By the time I started receiving these packets, I already owned just about every movie Disney had released! Including many you couldn’t get through the club.

But I did get a whack of free stickers:

This set of stickers is dated 2017 and so features some fairly current characters including some from Frozen and Moana. And who wouldn’t want that sweet Good Dinosaur sticker?!? Again: Ahem.

I never did buy into the program and I don’t think it is around anymore, what with streaming over Disney+ being the preferred way to watch Disney movies in this modern age of technology. I don’t miss the Movie Club, but I do miss the stickers!

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