Mickey and Minnie Wedding Couple Figurine

Mickey and Minnie might just be the longest holdouts for marriage the world has ever seen! They have been dating for decades. They represent true love but never fully express it in matrimony. So that makes this Mickey and Minnie wedding couple figurine nothing but a bit of wish fulfillment:

Wish fulfillment is the satisfaction of a desire through an involuntary thought process. Wish fulfillment can occur in dreams or in daydreams, in the symptoms of neurosis, or in the hallucinations of psychosis. This satisfaction is often indirect and requires interpretation to recognize.

So are we just dreaming this union?

If Disney ever decided to marry these two two star-crossed lovers, it would be the wedding of the century! Will it happen? Not likely. The status quo must be maintained, and so even Donald and Daisy are looking at many more years of double dates, breakups and make ups.

I have no year of manufacture for this piece, but being as it was made in Japan, it is likely from the 1970s or early 1980s. After that time, most Disney merchandise has been manufactured in China or other countries offering lower production costs.

The Wedding March would be a good way to end this post. But did you know that the original name of the song played as the Bride comes down the aisle is not ‘Wedding March’, but its official name is ‘Bridal Chorus’ or ‘Here Comes The Bride’? This song is a part of an opera called Lohengrin written by Richard Wagner in 1850. Do you remember the lyrics?

Faithfully led, go there,
where the blessing of love may be kept for you!
Victorious courage, mine gain
unite yourselves in fidelity to the Blessed Couple
Fighters of youth, move forward!

Not quite how you remember it? Well, that is the original original version. But you may be more familiar with this version:

Here comes the bride
All dressed in white
Sweetly serene in the soft glowing light
Lovely to see
Marching to thee
Sweet love united for eternity.

Of course, like me, you probably had no idea what the words were after the famous ‘all dressed in white’ line! And I don’t think it’s very common to have the lyrics sung during a wedding ceremony with the song traditionally only being played instrumentally. I can’t wait to hear ‘Here comes the mouse’!

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