Mickey’s Fire Brigade Ceramic Teapot

Mickey’s Fire Brigade is a color Mickey Mouse short released in 1935. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are firefighters who must rescue Clarabelle Cow from a burning building without interrupting her bath. And of course, they do a great job. (Pause for sarcasm to sink in) No. No they don’t!

This is one of the best and most frantic of the earlier Shorts. Walt Disney provides the voice of Mickey with Clarence Nash squawking for Donald and Pinto Colvig rounding out the main cast with Goofy.

This post features a wonderful Mickey’s Fire Brigade ceramic tea pot, inspired by the Short:

The fire engine is really a standout in the Short. My teapot is a nice interpretation but have a look at the original footage to see some differences, as well as a closer representation to our teapot from a piece of aftermarket artwork:


As holders of one of the largest animation archives in the world, Choice (Marvel Fine Art) specializes in offering collectors the original hand-painted cels and animators drawings that were used to create classic TV shows and feature films. Choice is dedicated to delivering the highest-quality collectible artworks with museum-quality framing at the best prices.

But enough of that! Back to our teapot:

I love how the firehose comprises the teapot spout and how the lid to the boiler comes off to give access to the tea inside!

Only the word ‘Disney’ is given for the copyright/branding with ‘Mickey’s Fire Brigade’ engraved into the rear of the pot. No manufacturer is credited so dating is problematic.

Mickey and friends are still very busy making Shorts! Check out my Mickey Mouse Character Subway Bag with swag to see how they do it today.

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